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Introduction of the production process of the Buddha statues of mud carving
- Jan 31, 2018 -

The first step, according to the theme of the Buddha, size, dynamic, first build a wooden skeleton, in the skeleton bundle of straw or straw to increase the volume, and then with chaff and straw mud mix good coarse mud on the skeleton of pressure tight, paste prison;

The second step, such as coarse mud dry to 70% of the appearance and then add fine mud (fine mud with clay, sand, cotton, etc.), the character's demeanor fully portrayed;

The third step, such as clay sculpture after the full dry through the size of many cracks, and then repaired;

The fourth step, such as mud dry through, the surface polished and smooth, and then with glue mounted on a layer of cotton paper, and to press, so that the surface of a layer more citizen, meticulous, strong, and then coated with a layer of white powder (white powder plus glue);

The fifth step is in the white form, according to the needs of the characters on a variety of colors, after all the colors, and then coated with a layer of oil to protect the bright color, so complete.