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The introduction of stone carving
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Stone carvings are also known as "stone carvings", one of the sculpture art, for China's five major sculpture tradition (pottery, wood, stone, copper, mud) components, is according to the material classification of sculpture varieties, ancient large grottoes, Cliff, mausoleum sculpture and architectural sculpture, the vast majority of stone, is still preserved a large number of grottoes.

The Qin Dynasty's Stone whale is the huge stone sculpture, the jade carving is mostly small, which uses the material for the marble (white marble is one of them), the bluestone, the granite, the gravel and so on.

Because the raw materials of the stone are natural and can be preserved for a long time, therefore, the stone carvings become the major commemorative and decorative carving of the main art varieties, the traditional stone carving, is the axe, hammer, chisel, etc. as a tool, the modern use of glycerin, gunpowder and simple mechanical substitution, because of a wide variety of stone carvings, color and colorful texture, and the sky landscape integration, Material texture and scenery coordination, such as Leshan giant Buddha, to give people the enjoyment of lofty and beautiful.