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There's a rift in the Stone Pavilion.
- Jan 31, 2018 -

First, if there are cracks, you can use retaining walls, wall, large masonry, pouring body to prevent the development of cracks, resistance to rock mass cracking. For such a remedy is not recommended to use, because it can not make the status quo can be preserved, easy to destroy historical sites, so do not use when the last resort.

Second, there is a kind of anchor reinforcement, that is, using different anchors to use the level or tilt in different directions through the fractured rock mass, the unstable hang on the stable rock, but remember to set the drainage hole along a certain distance, this way is suitable for already loose, many cracks, the cave dense rock mass , this way also has the role of strengthening, supporting, windproof, but also has a lot of bearing capacity and security reserves.