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Daily Routine Of Stone Maintenance
- Jan 31, 2018 -

(1) Cutting flat, grinding: The use of heavy stone grinding machinery with horizontal cutting piece, refurbished abrasive or diamond discs in accordance with abrasive and grinding of the thickness of the plate from coarse to fine through the process of grinding, to achieve smooth surface, stone crystal clear.

(2) Fill the hole, seal the seam: Clears the old seam and the hole in the debris or the old filling material, uses the special filling seam tool to add the patching material into the crevice, we use the advanced filling material, completes with the stone seamless.

(3) Polishing: After grinding the use of special polishing equipment and polishing materials on the floor of the overall grinding, so that the stone more bright.

(4) Protection: The use of professional stone protective agent on the stone to carry out the infiltration of protection, to prevent the penetration of external substances. Depending on the stone you can choose whether to take this procedure.

(5) Surface maintenance: The above procedures have been completed after the use of stone has reached the standard, but the surface of the strength of the abrasion is still not enough, so, at this time need to artificially create a layer of hard protection, then the stone is in the initial state, so this procedure is very important, you can lay a good foundation for future conservation.

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