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Test The Quality Of Stone Carving Is Good And Bad
- Jan 31, 2018 -

One view, that is, the naked eye to observe the surface structure of stone carving. Generally speaking, the uniform fine material structure of the stone carving has exquisite texture, for the stone carving jiapin, coarse and unequal grain structure of stone carving its appearance effect is poor.

Two quantities, that is, the size of stone carvings, so as not to affect the stitching, or the mosaic pattern, pattern, line deformation, affect the decorative effect.

Three listens, namely listens to the stone carving the percussion sound. Generally speaking, the quality of the stone carving its sound crisp and melodious; Conversely, if there is a slight fissure inside the stone carving or due to weathering caused by the contact between the particles loose, the percussion sound is gruff.

Four tries, namely uses the simple test method to examine the stone carving quality good or bad. Usually in the back of the Quyang stone carving a small drop of ink, such as ink quickly scattered around the leaching, that is to show the inner particles loose or cracks, stone quality is not good; Conversely, if the ink droplets in situ do not move, it indicates that the stone texture is good.