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The New Intersection Of The Development Of Urban Sculpture Art
- Jan 31, 2018 -

With the further improvement of the level of urbanization in China, the concentrated embodiment of urban culture-urban sculpture, will be more and more in the public eye, and with the large number of urban sculpture creation, artists often pay attention to this art and other art intersection, one to create more magnificent works. The sculpture sculpture also incorporates other artistic forms in the works of the creation.

First, the intersection of urban sculpture and painting art, this is the most popular form at present, increase the visual effect of sculpture, give the sculpture new life.

Second, sculpture and the intersection of architectural art, Zhu Bingren Master's works on this made the most perfect interpretation, he created the bronze sculpture is not only sculptures, but also building, for people's ideas to open up a new realm, now the boundaries between the building and sculpture has been blending.

Third, sculpture works to break a variety of artistic boundaries, can become immortal, focusing on the breaking of art and reality, art and life boundaries, art is no fixed, is constantly changing.