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What Problems Should The Stone Pavilion Solve When Making?
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Make a stone pavilion when you should pay attention to several aspects of the problem, and we introduce the following is about the stone pavilion in the production process of attention, if you are interested to go to understand it together:

1, in the production of stone Pavilion should pay attention to material selection, because the stone pavilion not only to good-looking, but also to cover the wind and rain, so in the selection of materials, you can choose marble stone or white marble stone.

2, the selection of materials is important, the choice of place is also important, the construction of Stone Pavilion to meet its momentum, to the surrounding environment, so as to be able to line up its beauty.

3, in carving stone pavilion time to pay attention to carving techniques, the pavilion will be the perfect display, so you can use a variety of carving techniques, such as sculpture, carving and so on.